P-39: Miss Lend Lease

Bringing Her Home

Bringing Her Home from Full Circle Studios on Vimeo.

In 2009, The Niagara Aerospace Museum acquired a wrecked P-39 that had crashed in lake above the Arctic Circle in Russia during WWII. Watch the powerful story of a warrior airplane come home to the place where she was built in Western New York after an amazing journey of over 60 years.

(Correction: In the video, the statement that Lt. Baranovskiy had 7 victories is incorrect. We should have said that between 21 June and 9 August the 773 IAP (Fighter Air Regiment) recorded 7 Finnish airplanes to its credit. We apologize for misinformation.)

Click here to see more information about the history and recovery of this aircraft at the Lend-Lease section of www.airforce.ru.