In the News and On the Web

Here are links to some stories and videos related to the museum and stories about Aviation and aerospace in Western New York.

WGRZ: Unknown Stories of WNY: Curtiss Plant Tragedy (Link to WGRZ story) January 24, 2017

WGRZ: Unknown Stories of WNY: A Buffalo Company Perfected The Parachute (Link to WGRZ story) May 09, 2016

WGRZ: NASA Apollo EECOM (Electrical, Environment, and Consumables) test station housed at the museum (link to WRRZ story) January 30, 2015

Alice Bowman, NASA New Horizons Mission Operation Manager speak at the museum March 20, 2019.

Dr. James Hansen, author of First Man, speaks at the Museum September 13, 2018.

Niagara Aerospace Museum attends the Geneseo Airshow 2018.

Robert Zimmerman, author of Genesis: The Story of Apollo 8, speaks at the museum December 12, 2018.